18.07.15 – 20.07.15 – Larmer Tree Festival

Festival News

Fling Festival: 4th July

My first festival will be on 4t July in Chelmsford at Fling Festival. It marks a summer that is sure to be just as busy as last year. I’ll be performing a 20 minute set and facilitating a workshop on poetry and activism. I’ll be at a few new festivals this year, including…

Lovebox: 17th & 18th July

I’ll be performing on the Voicebox stage as a solo artist with Apples and Snakes on Friday 17th as part of The Writing Room. On the Saturday, I’ll be performing as part of Kid Glove for The Roundhouse’s Last Word section. Joining me will be Rose Swainston and Joel Auterson.KIDGLOVE_FINAL1-01

Larmer Tree: 18th-20th July

I last performed at Larmer Tree Festival in 2013 and am returning this year and hoping for the same beautiful sun! Sadly, I won’t be running a workshop this time, but I’m looking forward to bringing a mixture of old and new material to the festival.

Boom Town: 13th-17th August

I’m really excited to be performing at Boom Town this year, especially as the wonderful Sophie Fenella (also part of Kid Glove) will be there. I’ll be doing a couple of sets over the weekend.

BBC Fringe Festival Slam: 26th-29th August

I put my name in the hat for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival BBC Slam and I was the last name to be announced! I’m there for about five days and have just been planning all the shows I’m going to see and there’s about thirty shows in my calendar now, so it’s going to be pretty intense. It feels like a bit of an adventure as I’m going alone and staying in a dorm with seven other people.

Larmer Tree Festival 2013 & She Grrrowls

Before I get to the juicy stuff, I’d like to point a couple of things. Firstly, check out my profile of the Spread the Word website as part of the ‘Spoke’ project to find the first Young Poet Laureate for London, for which I was shortlisted. Yep, I made the final twenty ‘Podium Poets’ but sadly didn’t make the cut to the final six. Secondly, I found a link to the Guardian website where there is a picture of me! Gillian Wearing picked my picture as one of her favourites and said ‘I relate to this, having done various jobs myself when I left college’ at my photo, taken in Sainsbury’s uniform with the statement ‘the artist shouldn’t be stacking shelves.’

The major news is that I’ve performed at my first proper festival, you know, with fields and camping and stuff. The festival was Larmer Tree in Salisbury. I went with my friend Natalie and we had an amazing time! The weather was perfect and made me so very happy. I hope to come back the next year and for the weather to be as good! I saw such a range of music, including the lovely Saturday Sun, and a boy playing a pop-up gig who was around 10 and incredible (who was later gutted to miss my performance of ‘Circles’ which was nice to hear). We also made things like insect brooches, necklaces and mosaics. We learnt some hula hoop tricks and now I really want to take it up! I also hope to take up the ukulele, re-inspired by the band there.

I saw some great poets, including Angie Belcher, Edson Burton, Nichol Keene and Toby de Angeli, Joelle Taylor, Poeticat, Scott Tyrrell and The Antipoet. My first performance had been extended to half an hour, which meant that I ran out of material (oops) and had to read from my book. It actually felt good to take my time and read like that, and people got to listen to pieces which I don’t do as much. I probably should have taken my time earlier. My second set was ‘Circles’ the epic-poem I produced with Apples & Snakes as part of the ‘Word’s a Stage’ project. I had memorised it but didn’t quite know it well enough to avoid looking at the paper stuck in my prop (the Metro). I also ran a workshop which I thought went well as most of the participants were lovely and one told me that I should be confident in what I do. Honey, if I knew how to do that, I’d be a more successful poet by now.

Just kidding, I know I come across as a bit shy and softly spoken… but well, I am. I’m growing to accept myself this way and believe I can still be successful being who I am. I lack confidence now and again (don’t we all?) but some people can see my inner-confidence. I’ve been having a bad week so far. I’m not sure where it stemmed from, but I’ve been in a bad mood and felt like I work so hard and don’t have much to show for it. Typing away at a laptop all the time when it’s sunny outside can be a tad depressing. Especially when videos won’t upload. This video by Jodi Ann Bickley helped a bit and it is inspiring to see her work with one million lovely letters. And here I am, still writing this and not knowing if anyone is reading it and if any of this will amount to anything.

So, we had our pilot event for She Grrrowls at Kingston’s Ram Jam Club at the Grey Horse as part of IYAF. How did it go? It was a bit of a disaster but I think we pulled it off. On Thursday night the headline act pulled out, on my return from Larmer Tree on Monday, another act was forced to pull out, and whilst the event had started, another act pulled out. Only two out of our five acts actually was able to make it. Luckily, we had Sam Neele replace our headliner for the music, who gave a lovely other-worldly set, and I filled in with some poetry. Bisha Ali gave us some hilarious comedy, and I’m gutted I can’t show you a video or tell you some of the jokes but we will definitely have her at She Grrrowls again. Andi Michael gave us extracts from her novel, proving her not only to be an amazing writer but one with a unique style that makes use of poetic language. In addition to the line-up we had on the spot performances from Hannah Rose Tristram, Becky Dennis and Cherry Godiva, who were all amazing. We hope to see everyone again at future She Grrrowls events.

Which brings me to the next point on the agenda. Dates.

Number 1: Wednesday 11th September. The She Grrrowls Spoken Word Launch at The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. Future events every first Wednesday of the month.

Number 2: My next gig will be August 8th at Red Door Studios, 120 Masterman Road East Ham E6 3RW. I will also be delivering an all-day workshop there on Saturday 14th September.

Number 3: August 13th at RichMix in Shoreditch I will be performing a show as part of a writing group through Apples & Snakes.

I think that’s about all anyone’s brain can take in this heat.


19-21st July 2013 – Larmer Tree Festival

Carmina will be delivering a workshop n the theme of ‘Loss’ and will showcase two poetry sets. One will be a performance of ‘Circles’, an epic poem developed through ‘The Word’s a Stage’ (Apples & Snakes) and the second set will comprise of a selection of new and old poems. http://www.larmertreefestival.co.uk