“Carmina Masoliver is a Londoner, she studied at UEA, she’s a poet, an entrepreneur and a gig host, but she is also much more than the sum of all those. She is a decent, honourable person who works hard to achieve and works harder to help others achieve, and there she succeeds where many with the first attributes may fail.” – Dominic Stevenson, Listen Softly London

“An exceptionally talented young lady who has been making waves with her own brand of poetry magic.” – Soapbox

“Norwich’s greatest double-barrelled female poet… her name is also a perfect example of amphibrachic tetrameter.” – Russel J Turner

“Her delicate constructions, quirky sense of humour and startling honesty make her a delight to behold.” – Nosher.co.uk

“With a vase like fragility she explores what it is to be young and female, today and here” – Lennie, Speech Motion

“It gave me goosebumps” – Nick Poole

“From the pocket books of Annexe to the exquisite blend of 50s look and Teenies content of Carmina Masoliver these are presses whose ambition is not one of scale but of delivering the very best of what they want to an audience they value deeply.” – Dan Holloway

Comments from audience members at Word’s a Stage:

“Beautiful & moving, really drew me in.”

“Nice – great use of the train journey as a structure for the piece. Some beautiful lines – ‘not trying to make you jealous – I want you to come back.’ Lovely delivery.”

“Beautiful – train lines like a web was wicked and revisiting this was great – you had my stomach in knot. Very powerful.”

“Really liked the Circle Line framing for this piece – something all Londoners can relate to – as well as the excruciating heartbreak too.”

“Graceful, passionate, emotive, soulful, honest, scarred.”