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To buy a copy of the She Grrrowls Anthology (2017), edited by Carmina, head to Burning Eye Books.

‘Circles’ (2019) is also available from Burning Eye Books. It is an illustrated epic poem inspired by Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis.

Nasty Little Press have previously published a collection of poems as part of their Nasty Little Intros. They are just £5 and there is a limited run of 200 copies (which are signed), so do snap one up online on her Etsy store or in person a a gig. You can also find stickers, badges, postcards, and CDs for sale here.

You can also donate to Carmina’s Patreon, where you can get rewards for a monthly subscription. 

If you are interested in stocking any books, or other merchandise, please get in contact.

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