Upcoming Events

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31.01.20: 3Cs Open Mic, Edinburgh, 7.30pm

05.02.20: Tongue Punch, Margate, 7.30pm

27.03.20: Reverb Chamber, Gravesend, 7.30pm

02.04.20: That’s What She Said, Manchester, 7.30pm

14.04.20: Spork, Exeter, 7.30pm

16.04.20: Big Trouble, Rochester, 7.30pm

January – March 2020: She Grrrowls 2020 Tour


She Grrrowls runs every first Friday at The Poetry Cafe.

Carmina is currently taking bookings for features as a solo artist and as part of Roundhouse Poetry Collective Kid Glove, Burn After Reading, and She Grrrowls: carminamasoliver(at)hotmail(dot)com

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