Speech Motion at The Horse & Groom, Shoreditch

So, I had a great time at this one. I was on pretty early and so got to enjoy the rest of the night properly, was wicked seeing Dean Atta, The Ruby Kid and Poeticat in particular, makes me want my own Cajon player haha! The only musicians I know are like the ruskins and my ex boyfriend… and I don’t think the ruskins would be up for starting a poetry side-project, and I don’t think my ex is up for being a a poetry band called “The Exes”… I think that name’s taken anyways!

After I went to get more drinks for me and my mate Elliot, a couple said how they liked my set and I chatted to them for a bit, and they were really nice.  SuperPennie chatted to me for a bit as well, and said how she likes London accents, and that my accent gets more “London” when I read my poems.

I found this a funny thing to say cos I’ve grown up in London, therefore I have a London accent… I think she meant it gets stronger… but in what sense? My voice isn’t cockney and it’s not really posh (though my cockney mates may disagree… compared my my grans proper posh accent!)  So yeah, my accent isn’t strong in anyway, plus I’m softly spoken a lot of the time… but when I do poetry or get angry my emotions come out and my words have more force I guess?

My accent is very similar to the friends I grew up with in south london, where I still half live haha.  One of my friends said my voice is like Leona Lewis, which I don’t mind, she seems like a nice girl.  I think my singing voice is most similar to Laura Marling… but I base that on the fact that I think I can sing her songs and not sound totally shit haha.  But yeah, basically this is just my voice, I don’t like it all the time but that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, that comment just got me thinking.  I really enjoyed the format of the night and the cool short films they showed, some were quite weird, but I like weird!  I also remembered I added Ruby Kid on my MySpace and he commented he liked my stuff.  I feel a bit weird when meeting people in those situations who you’ve like communicated with online.  I felt like such a dick when he let me pass through on the stairs and I didn’t say anything!

All in all, it was a good night and I hope to go again!

5 thoughts on “Speech Motion at The Horse & Groom, Shoreditch

  1. Oh cool I’m glad you can comment on my blog using wordpress!

    Sounds like you had a good time, and yeah you can have the book if you like. I think your voice is quite normal btw. 😀

  2. Hey Carmina
    Sounds like a good night 🙂 I’ll keep a look out for the next event you’re performing at and try to pop down although if you keep updating the blog I could just pretend I’d been there! Your motivation inspires me as much as your poetry – I’m going to get my arse back in gear. So thanks!

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