My reviews are of the Dorothy Parker variety; I mix my background with academia with casual language that make my writing accessible and interesting to a wide variety of people.

  1. Enquire first by email to, where address will be given.
  2. A free review copy should be supplied.
  3. Please provide at least one link to a site where the item can be bought and/or a list of booksellers where it is stocked.
  4. I may add additional links to other sites if I feel it appropriate.
  5. Review items are sent on the understanding I may not like them and my subsequent review will reflect this, however, my philosophy is to be both positive and critical.
  6. Reviews are done for free (the only cost that is incurred is that of the free review copy) and therefore the deadlines set will be dependent on time restraints and other commitments.
  7. I will review self-published/produced items.
  8. It will help to have a web presence.
  9. I reserve the right not to review any unsolicited items, i.e. items sent without an enquiry first.  If you have enquired first and I have agreed to review the item, I will review it.
  10. After a debate on women and poetry at Poetry Parnassus, I am particularly interested in female writers. I’m also more interested in poetry, but will accept other genres.

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