Book Review by John Field

Yesterday I was delighted to see that John Field has reviewed my Nasty Little Intro #8. Last year Field was named one of the top poetry bloggers by Picador, and it was great to see his insight into my poems.

There are still some £2 books available from the Nasty Little Press website, so please do support poets and independent presses alike by buying a copy! Ben Norris has already sold out, so I’ve got some catching up to do – help a gal out! I’d also like to recommend fellow UEA poet Hattie Grünewald’s Intro book. She also does a great brunch blog and updates of her poems on tumblr.

Muse Arcade

So, I don’t often share the text of my poems. I tend to put up videos instead, as I don’t want too much text online in terms of rules with publishing and competitions. However, I was invited by fellow Nasty Little Press writer, Hattie Grunewald, to take part in a project called ‘Muse Arcade’, where Scott Woods posted a list of titles as prompts for poems on Facebook. I’ve been wanting to stop writing so much for a while, so I can do more editing and work towards putting a larger collection of work together. That said, I found these titles too tempting to resist, and so I was inspired to write these poems wherever I happened to be… largely on trains. I’m looking for feedback, should anyone wish to give me any. To read it, simply click here.