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Just a quick post to update on some stuff.

Firstly, a quick note to check out this:

The production of this show/book was kicking off whilst I was on my internship at Penned in the Margins and I’d be there if I could, so if you’re at the Fringe fest, go see it!

In other news, I had to pull out of my gig at The Tea Box the other week because I got an ulcer on the cornea of my left eye.  It was horrible and swollen, and painful and depressing.  I also lost my new job at B&Q because I had to miss my first day and couldn’t say when I was next available.  Get more on the dole anyway.  I’m hoping to get a really good job that’s actually related to my interests as well.  Hopefully Royal Academy of the Arts!  Fingers crossed!  Or at least at a theatre or cinema.

I took these drops that made my pupil eat my iris. Scary.

My eye feels fine now but I’ve been told I can’t wear contact for a WHOLE month.  I’ve got some BOGOF prescription sunglasses but I may opt for the one-contact look during my graduation next week.  In New York I’ll be happy to wear my glasses… I’m actually getting more used to it.  I also entered into the Specsaver’s ‘Spectacle Wearer’ competition to win a holiday and a modelling contract (ha!) so wish me luck!

Here’s the picture (very hard to get the whole outfit in, MySpace style):

I also got a 2:1 for my English Literature degree at UEA and so am officially on my Creative Entrepreneurship MA at UEA London – woop!  I really need to get on with stuff so I have something to show for the summer. I’m so gutted about missing my last gig as I was looking forward to doing my whole 20-30min set by heart 😦

I have no idea when my next gig will be, so if anyone wants me, please let me know!  Preferably paid 🙂



About carminamasoliver

I'm an ex-UEA writer from South London. Founder of She Grrrowls. Feminist Arts Writer for The Norwich Radical. BAR poet. Published by Nasty Little Press.
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