The Drop

Last night I met up with my friend Tom Francis to go to Spoonful of Poison at The Drop in Stoke Newington. We’d started drinking from about 3.30 in the park with the sun shining.  It did get a bit cold though as I was wearing proper summer gear.  Anyway, it took as like 2 hours to get there!  I didn’t realise how far away it was but luckily it hadn’t started yet so we weren’t really late afterall.

I think I was on after the first break or something, and I was pleased with how it went because I did quite a few off by heart – yay!

This guy I’d seen years ago was there which was weird.  I’d rated him really low, like a four or something, at a Farrago show… the same one I’d rated Scroobius Pip a 9!  He’d got a backing track and stuff, and I’m not being overly rude, I’m just being honest… he was not good.  It was all a bit cringe really.  I think if he lost his Tim Westwood-esque “rapper” persona he might be able to develop as a writer/poet but as it stands he works better as a comedy act.

This guy, Mike, I think his name was, did comedy… and I thought it was better than the time before when he let a guy talking at the back basically take over his set by commenting on it.  BUT! Tom told me he was taking the piss out of us.  Basically, Tom had just come back from the toilet when he was on and he said something directed at me… at the time I didn’t think it was personal, but Tom said he referred to him as my boyfriend and that it was all because he’d gone to the toilet… pisses me off quite a bit actually.

There was another comedian that I think had like a couple of funny bits, but mostly it was a bit awkward.  Ant Smith was on too, and I have mixed views on him.  It was going well but he said something about rape… and I find rape jokes offensive.  To be honest I’m a bit sick of people using humour to be offensive.  People say “have a sense of humour” but if people need to make jokes about really offensive stuff, then they are the ones that need to find a sense of humour, most of the time it’s just not funny, end of.  I’m partial to a bit of Jimmy Carr, but I have my limits.

Sadly, I missed the rest of the night because we needed to get the last train and I’d checked them before we got the train to Stoke Newington.  However, they decided to stop the trains and we ended up having to take the night bus.  Thankfully Tom was there with me because I really would not have liked to have gone on my own!

We took the bus all the way to Kingston instead of getting off at New Malden because we wanted food.  I’d had a big lunch and an apple but was really hungry by then, it was like nearly 2am.  I got chicken nuggets and chips.  I’m a bit of a food snob about fast food, and normally I won’t accept less than Subway, but I like to use my drunkeness as an excuse haha!

Yesterday I also tried to get a Nando’s black card, or High Five card.  I heard it’s something celebrities can get to get free Nando’s.  Everyone loves a bit of Nandos! I’m hoping someone will be clever enough to buy me the new peri-peri shaker.  Anyway, all I got was a generic response.  I don’t think I bigged myself up enough.  Okay, I’m no celebrity, but I am a Nando’s lover and I could even write a poem about it if they were so kind as to give me free food 😀

It’s only valid for a year but this would be the perfect time for me to have one! I may have to try again.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about, whilst reading posts from the UEA Feminist Society, is porn.  If anyone knows of any porn that is for a female POV then please let me know!  I usually use RedTube and have just come across PornHub (which has a “female friendly” section) but it’s really hard to find stuff that doesn’t refer to women as ‘sluts’ etc. and doesn’t degrade the women in power plays such as shoving the woman’s head whilst she’s giving oral sex.  Anyway, I came across these pictures from a website that was linked.  I posted these ones because there’s the ones I lean towards most.


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