Glory Days

I’m watching Glory Daze atm and am still recovering from a day bein hungover, hence the title of this post.  A note to Adele’s Someone Like You as well. Also, it’s a bit of a random post!

I’ve just read an article about the Slutwalk happening in June by Ray Filar.  She’s a very interesting lady and it’s a great read, will try to keep up with her stuff.  I should probably write more about this myself but I would probably go on forever and I’m tired.  Yes, I screwed up again and drank too much last night.

I’ve been really feeling song ‘Kill’ by Jimmy Eat World.  It totally describes how I’m feeling about this guy I like.  I attempted singing it but I don’t recommend you watch that. 

I’ve also listened to a bit of Mélanie Laurent.  I particularly like the songs with Damien Rice.

In other news, the birthday celebrations have begun!  I had a picnic last weekend with the family as it’s also the month of my mum’s, aunt’s and Gran’s boyfriend’s birthdays.  Tuesday, it was my mum’s and we had an Indian takeaway and watched The Apprentice – loving it!

Yesterday I prematurely spent my birthday money.  I got this dress.  I also got a headband, there’s loads in Topshop that are amaze.  I’d seen some things shopping for presents from my parents (two Topshop dresses) so I had my eye on them.  I splashed out on an hourglass necklace and a locket-clock necklace, oh, and some bird stud earrings (Urban Outfitters).  There was also cool whiskey flasks and sunglasses but it’s expensive. 

I then came home and bought Rihanna tickets, eek!

I went off out again to get my haircut – I just looked up my hairdresser on Facebook, one mutual poet friend! Also, he looks like a model.  He annoyed me at one point as he was a bit of a chatter and I quite like relaxing in the silence, watching the music videos and zoning out, and he said to me “are you ok? you seem quiet” which is weird because I just assumed we were past the small-talk and he was just gonna get on with cutting haha.  But he was a really nice friendly guy.

I then saw Insidious with my friend Natalie.  I didn’t much like the “demon” in it as I’m a bit funny with such overly unbelievable portrayals.  But, I did really enjoy it, there was an interesting storyline and made me think again about looking into different dimensions (previously, I thought about it after seeing Rabbit Hole).  It was scary and also seemed a bit old-fashioned in a good way, with great melodramatic music!

I went straight to Kingston to supposedly celebrate my birthday with some London people (I’m travelling back to Norwich on the actual day).  I sat on my own for over an hour in The Mill, pacing my Fosters, watching 90s videos on the screen above.  It was really embarrassing, especially when people asked if the seats were free, then a girl’s 18th was going on behind me, and one of these guys that came along said hi to me then asked if I was with the others… more embarrassment.

However, Kev turned up, and shortly after Emily did too.  So, it was nice to see them, and me and Emily ended up in Oceana and I had way too much to drink.  I had a good time though!

I’m obviously very upset about certain friends, especially those who I count as my closest friends.  It’s a real let down, and just rude… I was calling them and obviously being ignored.  I’m not going to let it get me down though, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend.  Apart from the ‘heavy rain’… I really hope that changes because my mood is influenced by the weather!  I’m also eating at Thai Tho in Wimbledon Village tomorrow with my parents, never been there before so hopefully it’s good, I already know what I’m having! Chicken satay and prawn pad thai, standard ha! May go elsewhere for dessert of have it at home!

Fingers crossed that Nando’s let me book a table for 15 people tomorrow!  I’m going to ask to speak to the manager because they said they couldn’t do it when I rang before.  And fingers crossed for sunshine, or at least no rain! Rain, rain, go away, come again when it’s not my birthday!


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