First Place!

Okay, this is not poetry related, but I’m very happy! Me and my friend Charlotte won first place at the Pole for U aNd I Inter-University Pole Fitness Competition for doubles! There was only one other pair but they were AMAZING and we never expected to win!  They were a boy and girl and did amazing tricks and even were on the pole at the same time; it was beautiful.  It still is sinking in that we won, and I’m loving my trophy!  We each get a free pole too and I can’t wait!  Two of my housemates also do pole dancing and so we will hopefully find a way of putting it up in the house and then we can spin on it whilst cooking pasta and such things.  I made a couple of mistakes in the routine so wasn’t happy with how it went but I don’t mind now we won, yay!!

Also, I have changed my mind.  It did feel empowering.  I have only done dancing competitions in groups before so it was a great boost in confidence to be able to do this.  I was shaking and really nervous beforehand and was so proud of myself afterwards.  So, yes, it felt empowering.  I went to celebrate that night but sadly drank too much, got upset about a boy and cried.  Those are the things that need changing, and pole dancing makes me feel good and I see it as opposite those things like alcohol abuse, and allowing sadomasochistic relations with men, therefore it must be empowering.

I challenge anyone to try doing an up-side-down pike and not feel on top of the world.


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