I’m starting to put together my first full poetry collection. I’m going to be writing some new material within the next couple of weeks to go with what I’ve already got. I want as many people as possible to read it and give me feedback. So please comment here with your email address or any means of contact, if you’re up for helping me out. You’ll be getting a free sample of my first draft, if that’s enough to tempt you?

In other news, I’ve now confirmed two amazing acts for my first independent event and am ordering flyers now. I’m starting to produce lots of exciting things for it, so watch this space! Here are the details…

Also, you can get 13% off my self-published books until this Friday 15th! Go here to check my page out.



  1. Hi! I’ve just found your blog through Never Trust a Womble and am finding it all very interesting. My name’s Henry and I am also a spoken word artist/writer/retail assistant. I used to live in South London and actually once organised a gig at which Laura Dockrill was performing (did you know that she’s mates with Adele AND Kate Nash – Brit school alumni stick together…). I used to do stuff with PIP who organise the Poejazzi spoken word/acoustic nights mostly around Shoreditch (of course – SO super cool sick ill). It’s always inspiring to see what other young writers are up to. Anyway, thought I’d just say hi. Hi! X

    1. Hey, thanks very much! I started following Never Trust a Womble as I know the other poets that did 28 Sonnets Later. Yeah, I wish I went to Brit School, still, I went to Thorpe Park once with Stefan from The Midnight Beast, so that’s my claim to fame (he’s one of my friend’s cousin’s). You’re blog looks really interesting too! I eventually want to write a novel and want it to be linked to music, after doing very badly in a module at uni called ‘Words & Music’. I’ve wanted to get more into Marina after seeing her on Loose Women and feeling like I’d probably be her if I was a singer. I love Miranda July as well, and got into Tao Lin just recently. I’m also trialing self-publishing. But anyway, I’d love to subscribe to your blog but as I’m on WordPress, I can never seen to be updated when I subscribe to blogspots… I guess maybe I’ll try out this bloglovin’ thing. Cool!x

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