Death Drawing and Life Living

I went to the first installment of Death Drawing: Art is Dead with my artist friend Siobhan Belingy. You can see pictures of the event, including one of me holding up my picture by clicking here.  You can’t really see the better picture, but oh well.  I knew one of the life models which I would have been awkward with if it were me up there, but it didn’t really seem any different had it been a stranger. 

You can’t see my haircut very well as I straightened it instead of washing it haha. But, yes, I have had my hair all cut off.  I have around 10 inches in a ponytail that I want to sell.  I’m not sure the best way to go about it.

My and my housemate, Kristy Smalley are going to be DJing with laptops at The Birdcage.  We get paid with a bottle of spirits. Yay. Click here.

I went out to good ol’ Spoons in Wimbledon with a group of friends and got talking to some guys one of them knew. They had this idea for a computer game or “app” and they were using us for market research.  I stupidly gave them the best idea, so if they get rich from this it’ll be The Social Network all over again.  It’s some sort of decision-making game and to do with dating and I said at the beginning the user should pick their own profile of what to look for in a guy.  It sounded quite cool because I loved The Sims (so much I got addicted and had to get rid of it) and it’ll be a similar design to that.

Anyway, tonight I’m finally seeing my friend Ricky, and will get to find out what’s happening with The Ruskins as they’ve not had a gig all holiday!  Tomorrow I have a gig at The Tea Box in Richmond. Come.


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