Highlights of MMX

–  The start of the New Year with family

– Starting up UEA LitSoc properly with Helen and Alys.

–  Recovering from the horrible mystery illness.

–  Pancake day with housemates!

– Dance Squad Loughborough competition and after party, dancing all night and staying in the hotel!

– Poetry gig in Walthamstow which London peeps.

– Doing karaoke with Kirstie.

– Taking part in ‘Take UEA Out’ as part of Hearing Aid.

– Having my first radio interview.

– Grandad’s 70th birthday celebration in Warwick.

– The LitSoc Spring Ball with The Middle Ones.

– Speed Dating with James… and it failing and being a crazy night with James getting lucky and me going to Havana’s for the first time… without even knowing it!

– Supporting Kate Tempest at The Bicycle Shop in Norwich, with thanks to Russell J Turner.

– Having my first Brazilian wax – so painful, but so worth it.  I feel like I can take on the world now.

– My 21st birthday with my housemates and Jo, making it the best it could be with lovely breakfast, pressies and a chilled day with a Tapas meal, wine and a surprise cake!

– The lovely poem and card from my uni friends before the night out on Saturday.

– Family birthday celebration meal.

– Hosting my first poetry and music event at UEA, organising it and everything, wooo!

– Two silent discos – one of my favourite things to do now!

– Mum’s friend Jaquenline’s wedding – getting drunk with the parents for the first time, proper grown-up! Followed by an Indian takeaway I can hardly remember eating.

– Seeing Grumpy Old Women again with mum.

– Meeting Elliot Snook.  Because he has a cool name.

– Hosting my first London event in Richmond’s Tea Box.

– My internship at Penned in the Margins – by far the most fun I’ve had working!

– My first experience of a squat – Feminism in London gig.  It feels good to be a woman!

– Race for Life with Hannah and Lucy, with Simon and Kev cheering us on! Would love to do it again next year, and hope to do some charity work for the events side of Cancer Research.

– Finally arriving at Hop Farm with Kim, saving camping space and then Dave and Marcus carrying our tent to where the bloody Ruskins actually set up camp.  FOL.

– Hannah arriving and hitting the arena Blondie covering Taio Cruz ‘only gonna break your heart’ … later changing ‘heart’ to ‘bag’ after breaking the strap on my bag.

– I ❤ sausage and the Hop Farm cups… devastation at not remembering to take them home!

– Ricky having problems with the backstage pass at Hop Farm… “er, I’m in the band”

– Blanking out and thinking Ricky turned into someone else… yeah, that’s good.

– Going to Latitude alone – # all the women who independent, throw your hands up at me #

– Finding out who my real friends are.

– After the Dance – a wonderful production.

– Getting a whole free Nando’s chicken.

– Having the most sex ever in a year – three is a magic number 😉 doubling my number of sexual partners, including my first one-night stand and another that I hope to repeat in future 😀

– Thorpe park twice in one summer!

– Being in the heart of London, and enjoying lovely BBQ food and stroll followed by poetry with Siobhan.  Seeing someone from Gemini Dancer’s after years!

– Last Big Brother series, sad to see it go though!

– Going to the Zoo with Hannah

– Borrowing Hannah’s SATC boxset – made my summer. Need it.

– Swimming in Tooting Bec Lido, even though it was freezing, and then seeing X-Factor’s Nicolo on the train.

– Going to a gig free with Kirstie, courtesy of Concrete.

– Getting all my module choices.

– Starting a variety of extra sports and societies – boxing and pole dancing, and tap dancing!

– Celebrating National Poetry Day with a small event and having an even more successful Hive event with music, poetry and comedy.

– Dance Squad social – not so much the one with the rugby boys. 

– Finally meeting someone I’ve been waiting around five years to meet 🙂

– Crystal Castles with Natalie and Tom when they visited Norwich!

– Getting a lap-dance from a male stripper at the pole dancing social.

– 65daysofstatic.  Because music is amazing.

– Good Hair & Exit Through the Gift Shop – great films at the lecture theatre!

– Singing my own poem-songs on stage 😀

– Aisle16 poetry reunion celebration and Hannah visiting!

– Christmas celebrations, always a highlight yay!

– New Slang NYE with balloons and indie tunes haha.

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