Kuala Lumpur #Top5

  1. The Bad Boss

So, we weren’t in Malaysia long enough to be able to give a proper account, so here are just a few things I enjoyed whilst in Kuala Lumpur, where we stopped for a couple of nights before flying back to the UK. The Bad Boss was the best restaurant we went to, and we only tried it the night before we left. It also had the funny concept of having a bad boss and needing to let off steam, including gloves and punch bag.


  1. Fresh Smoothies

Smoothies can be hit and miss in Asia. I remember them being so good in Thailand, but in other countries they sometimes add milk. When it’s a nice sour drink like pineapple or lemon, that’s not what I want! But there was a smoothie place in a mall and it was soooo good!



There’s a lot of high-rise buildings, and a few places to view the landscape. It was a bit murky on our visit, but we went up the observation tower, and did some fun little extras that were included, like going to a mini-zoo where we held parrots, which was cool.


  1. Parks

In between the mass of buildings, there are some nice park areas to walk around, and they give Kuala Lumpur a nice relaxed vibe. There was one park that was really big and worth exploring more, but we got dehydrated and hungry!


  1. Markets

When we got hungry, we also went to a cool tea shop and found out all about different teas and tried some out. I did a bit of shopping in the markets in Chinatown and replaced two pairs of comfy trousers that had got really holey on my travels!

Tips: I would say that the main thing would be to get out of Kuala Lumpur, and go for more time to explore the rest of Malaysia as my friend did this from Thailand and it looked like it had some glorious beaches.