Carmina’s Cantata #15

I’m back into playing the uke and the podcast is in full swing! This week you can hear me have a chat with Genevieve Carver up North, where we imagine being musicians in another life. I’m currently updating the whole list of episodes, so I’ll be scheduling everything and then putting the word out there about each weekly episode. It’s interesting how I ended up up North and visited my nan for the first two interviews, when the reason that the project felt right at the time was that my grandad had recently passed away, who was a joiner and a trumpeter.

I’ll be ending the podcast series with an episode featuring my grandparents, but before that there are ten episodes to listen to from today all featuring a diverse range of voice in poetry and music, partly in London, where I am, and a few trips around England at various Pirate Studios. If you have some time today, you should also check out ‘A Beautiful Way to be Crazy’ on Scene Saver.

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