31.05.15, 1.30-2.30pm – Kid Glove: Dear Adventure

Kid Glove are Sophie Fenella, Joel Auterson, Sarah Perry, Antosh Wojcik, Carmina Masoliver, Chris Lawrence, Rose Swainston and Maeve Scullion. They are resident artists at The Roundhouse, where they will be scratching the show they have been working on…

KIDGLOVE_FINAL1-01Kid Glove are bored. Bored of commuting, bored of working, bored of drinking, bored of love. They’re looking for Adventure, have you seen him?

The former Roundhouse Poetry Collective have landed themselves a residency at The Roundhouse, where they have been writing poetry under the name ‘Kid Glove’, and developing their first ever spoken word show: ‘Dear Adventure’ a love/hate letter to a man called Adventure.

Kid Glove will be scratching ‘Dear Adventure’ during The Last Word Festival at The Roundhouse, on Sunday 31st of May. Come and see it with your own eyes. What’s a better way to spend a Sunday?


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