Next Week: Word’s A Stage

On Wednesday 21st November I will be doing a first: performing a single poem for a twenty minute set.

Normally, I would perform/read a selection of poems in twenty minutes, so it has been a real challenge to come up with something that’s so long. The idea is that we would be able to work on the piece further and develop it into something around an hour. At the moment that’s hard to imagine, so the focus is to perform the poem as a scratch performance.

So, it’s under a week away now and I know about 5% of it off by heart. So, until then, I will be trying my best to get it to as near as 100% as possible, considering the time restraints: work and a weekend in Norwich. I shall see how many times I can test it out on my audience of one at the weekend!

There isn’t a pressure to memorise it, but I bet I’m going to be wowed by everyone else so I want to try my hardest! Anyway, it’ll be a great night, so you should come along! Only if you’re a stranger. I am a bit worried if there are people in the audience I’ll somehow feel more nervous. My Mum wanted to come but any time I see her face in the crowd I think I mess up more!

So, if you’re on Facebook: the event. Read more about it here. I also got a piece written up on the Apples & Snakes website, celebrating 30 Years of Spoken Word. A couple of my poems have also now been accepted into Monkey Kettle #38 and The Delinquent, issue 18.

See you Wednesday 😉


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