ART SHOP Collective

Yesterday I went to AAA Studios, which is being demolished soon.  It was an event ran by ART SHOP Collective and the first thing I have to say is how amazing the art work was.  I would have loved to have taken it all home with me! If anyone does have some money to spend, then check their work out as it is reasonably priced – including t-shirts, mugs and bags.

There was a quote on a canvas that was really bugging me because I knew where it was from, and thankfully I remembered that it was a Bob Marley quote from my previous blog post.

I was feeling a bit awkward about reading poetry because it was impossible to make people stick around and build up a crowd.   After a couple of hours, a musician called Jake sang a few songs.  I was nervous because there weren’t many people there and it was really intimate, and didn’t know what their reaction would be.  The first couple was okay but I think it wasn’t as good when I read from my folder, so at the end I tried another couple by heart and was pleased I did it.

My friend Tom came with me and was very patient with me not getting up for so long! He left with a piece of cake and I left with a free bottle of wine and some VitaminWater.  Happy bunnies. (Tom was literally a happy bunny later that evening, dressing as Bugs Bunny for a fancy dress party).

I was also out with my friend Hannah and her friend Briony.  We went out in Kingston and had an amazing time… I can’t believe how many times I got chatted up, ironically this short hair seems to get me more attention that when it was long!  Men… like buses, etc.  I did also get someone wanting to know if I was a lesbian.  That was funny.

Today, this drink really came in handy.  I was in bed until the afternoon, with a brief trip downstairs for breakfast and goodbyes to my friends.  Then after some scrambled eggs on toast and this bad boy, I was back to being almost human.

Next up, the Glam Slam on Tuesday!  This has got to be one of the most fun slams as it keeps me coming back each year.  I’m seeing Hannah and our friend Kim for Nando’s then heading over to The Book Club.


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