Poetry and Pole Dancing

I entered the UEA MedSoc Charity Talent Show.  It was the first talent show I’ve entered since I started reading my poetry, which was at college, and I’m pretty sure the judges laughed at me.   Anyway, this time was much better, I knew the poem (Space Station) by heart and I didn’t forget any words, wahey!  I also did my pole dancing routine with Charlotte again.  I had been rushing about all day, on my period, and due a wax so was feeling a bit apprehensive about the massive crowd that was gathered.  Although I didn’t walk away with any prizes, it all seemed to go okay and the judges and audience were very complimentary.  All the other acts were musicians, and were really great, and it was a nice evening.  The winner sang Adele’s Someone Like You, which is such a meaningful song to me at the moment.

I’m not sure what else to say.  I’ve got to be up in 8 hours so should probably go to bed but I’m waiting for these YouTube videos to upload to put on this.  Ummm… I’ve finished with my alcohol counselling and I’m glad I’ve finished with a couple of good weeks and I’ve got from sometimes drinking 40-50 units a week to 10-20, so I’m quite pleased that although I’ve had some slip-ups I’m getting better at avoiding the binge and drinking in moderation.  It’s made me think that, as not all my problems have gone away, that it’s not really drinking that’s the problem, but that there’s a few issues I would like to discuss with someone other than friends and family.  I’m sure everyone could do with some sort of therapy personally, but a lot of the time it’s about doing the right things to make me feel good, rather than the things I know won’t help.  Ironically, being online (when it’s not productive) is one of the things that’s bad for me, but things like listening to music, reading, socializing… are obviously good.


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