She Grrrowls is a feminist arts night with open mic and feature acts, including poetry, comedy, music and anything in between. It takes place every third Thursday at The Five Bells in New Cross.


It’s Always The Quiet Ones
Carmina is currently working on a solo show about quietness, shyness, and introversion. 

“It’s Always the Quiet Ones explores my journey from childhood to adulthood, as I navigated a world that labelled me – quiet, shy, boring, weird – battling through Speaking and Listening exams, dance classes and romantic relationships. I look back on life, asking myself… how can I be introverted, but enjoy the limelight of the stage? How can I be shy, yet also win a pole dancing competition? How can I be quiet when I have so much to say? And at the age of twenty-eight, will I ever overcome my shyness, my insecurities, my lack of confidence? Do any of us?”

The concept was Highly Commended for an Ideas Tap Sky Arts Scholarship in 2015. Now, two/three years later and freelance, finally the time has come to work on this project.

Past Projects:

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A New Direction: The Poetry Potting Shed
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