Carmina is available for bookings for the following activities…

Features and readings

Carmina is available as a feature act, whether in London, throughout the UK, or further afield at both one-off events and festivals.

Events production and programming

Whether you have a one-off event, or a week-long festival, Carmina is able to programme and manage a range of events, as well as to cater to hour long activities as part of wider programmes.

Workshop facilitation

Carmina offers workshops to both adults and children. She loves to inspire younger generations to embrace literature and offer positive messages about life. She enjoys working with adults at all levels of their writing, whether you’re looking for an alternative activity for a party, or you’re searching for a new tutor for your organisation.

Professional and creative development one-to-one sessions

With over a decade of experience as a poet, Carmina is able to offer one-to-one sessions on professional and creative development, whether you would like support and advice on the practical side of being a poet, or you would like a bespoke editing and proofreading service. This process can be offered online or face-to-face.


Carmina is available for interviews for print and online publications, as well as television and radio. 


Carmina enjoys collaborating with other artists, whether musicians, visual artists, or other writers.


Please contact Carmina about her rates. Fees have been chosen with advice from the websites of Apples & SnakesThe Society of AuthorsLondon Freelance, and the Society for Editors & Proofreaders. They are negotiable depending on reasons for lower fees, whereby there are other non-financial benefits to taking part (for example charity fund-raising).