What can Carmina do for you?

Live Literature Promoters and Event Programmers

Carmina is available for poetry performance and readings.  To get an idea of what this would be like, head over to the Audio & Video section or check out the Events page and  see her live.  She is said to deliver with a ‘quirky sense of humour and startling honesty,’ contrasted with ‘a vase like fragility she explores what it is to be young and female, today and here.’

Schools and Education

As well as poetry, Carmina also writes for children.  She would love to inspire younger generations to embrace literature and offer positive messages about life.  Carmina can offer workshops in creative writing, specialising in poetry and performance. She is also able to deliver workshops exploring gender through creativity, and can also offer tutoring/mentoring and workshops or one-on-one support about the practicalities of starting out a career as an artist.  She is also available for readings and discussion sessions at all levels of education.   She has had experience leading workshops as part of the ‘Shake the Dust’ youth poetry slam  with secondary children, and at the Poetry Potting Shed with primary children (Apples & Snakes). Carmina currently works as an Academic Mentor, specialising in English Language GCSE Unit 1 exam skills and A-level English Literature. She works with Year 7-13 pupils.

Adult Workshops

As well as facilitating workshops in schools, Carmina is also able to lead adults workshops. She lead her first solo workshop at Larmer Tree Festival in 2013. She is able to deliver both creative writing and career workshops, for both groups and one-to-one.


Carmina is available for interviews for print and online publications, as well as television and radio. Points of interest include Feminism, poetry for both page and stage, education and literature, and careers in the arts.

Magazines & Newspapers

Carmina writes reviews and articles centring around the arts.  These have been published in Concrete Newspaper, and Hand + Star.  She is always wanting to get involved with literary magazines, so if you are interested in her work, do get in contact.  She has also self-published a small sample of poetry and welcomes reviews and feedback. Carmina will review books for free if you send her a copy of the book. For further details, see the projects page.


Carmina has had an “Intro” booklet published by Nasty Little Press (2014) and previously self-published a poetry chapbook, if you are interested in stocking either collection, please get in contact.

Poetry Lovers

Carmina is passionate about poetry and would love to hear from other poetry lovers, whether to discuss poetry, to talk about collaborations, for advice, or if you would like to give feedback on her first publication.


Carmina is actively involved in the Feminist cause, and has participated in events such as So She Said as part of Ladyfest, and was a feature performer at the Feminist Midsummer Party at Balham Bowling Club, and Reclaim the Night 2013. She is the founder of She Grrrowls, which showcases talented women in the arts.


Carmina currently collaborates with her partner, Matthew Dickerson.  She also has some experience in illustration and envisions her first poetry collection to be highly visual. She has produced an example of what she aims for her first collection. If you are an illustrator and would like to experiment with a collaboration such as the postcards Matthew and I produced (which can be viewed here) do get in contact.

Musicians and DJs

Carmina has performed with a guitarist and is interested in experimenting with different musicians.  She also sings during these performances.  If you think you would be interested in a collaboration, contact her directly.

Fees:  Please contact Carmina about her rates. Fees have been chosen with advice from the websites of Apples & Snakes, The Society of AuthorsLondon Freelance, and the Society for Editors & Proofreaders. They are negotiable depending on reasons for lower fees, whereby there are other non-financial benefits to taking part (for example charity fund-raising).

Carmina believes artists should be valued for their work and, working within the capitalist framework, this should be financial. At She Grrrowls events, artists are currently paid through a split door fee so that emerging and established artists can both benefit, which may be of interest to promotors who find themselves not affording payment for artists.